What is Your Essential Towel Personality?

What is Your Essential Towel Personality?

What is Your Essential Towel Personality?


Choosing a towel is a personal decision. Finding the right color, fabric, and feel to match your skin and style will ensure you're pleased with your bathroom essentials for years to come. NINA MG has taken special consideration in offering a variety of luxury bath towel colors, fabrics, and construction for your best fit your towel personality.

Some studies show that color turns out to have different perceptions of one color from another. NINA MG will share the properties, impressions or perceptions of some colors that may be taken into consideration when you will choose a towel. Bath towels from NINA MG available in five color essential towels for every personality.


Our essential towel collection is crafted from a pure cotton that achieves the perfect balance of absorbency and plushness. These pure cotton towels are extremely soft and absorbent. The 100% Cotton Towel Set will add a touch of elegance to any decoration. These bath towels are widely used in star hotels.

The Ribbed 10 Piece 100% Cotton Towel Set brings a whole new meaning to the world of plush. Fluffy, soft and super-absorbent even after repeat washes. These heavy duty towels are super breathable and lightweight, combining comfort, aesthetics and functionality into one.


Create instant appeal in your bathroom with this rich dark blue towel from Living Colors. The soft and cozy cotton materials are perfect to wrap up in after a relaxing bath or shower. Overall, this color symbolizes trust, conservative, security, technology, cleanliness, and regularity. Dark blue symbolizes a deep feeling. Its nature, concentration, cooperative, intelligent, flavoring, and integrative.


Mix and match! Fun and bright towels to add some color to your day. Made from cotton for quality that you can feel. Spring is a cheerful color and also fun, people who have towels with yellow color like this mostly have a cheerful and friendly nature.


We love to add a touch of style to any room in the house and bathroom is no exception! Bring this season’s must have color into your bathroom. People who have egg blue towels mostly have a solitary nature and are also calm, don't like the crowds and he often shower unexpectedly.


Bathroom style tip is coordinate bold, playful patterns with block tones in a neutral color palette to create a sleek, sophisticated style. Purple is a color that gives a spiritual impression, wealth, and wisdom. Purple is also a unique color because it is very rarely seen in nature. By using a purple color we can give a unique impression.

Whether you favor classic towels or something a little more contemporary, you can find a style that suits your personality at NINA MG. NINA MG offers a wide range of bed and bath collections. NINA MG can help you outfit your home’s bedrooms and bathrooms with beautiful towels, sheets, and comforters.