Cotton vs Polycotton

Cotton vs Polycotton

Cotton vs Polycotton


Figuring out which types of fabric are best for your bed sheets can be really tricky. This time, we compare two of the most popular materials used for bed linen: Cotton and Polycotton:


Cotton bed sheets are famous for their super soft, luxurious feel. Multiple cotton threads are woven together to create 100% Cotton bed sheets. The more threads that are used, the higher the ‘Thread Count’ will be. And the higher the thread count, the softer your sheets will feel.

Polycotton is a blend of Polyester and Cotton. As it’s made from a synthetic material, Polycotton has a tendency to pill overtime. Pilling is where small bobbles (balls of material) form on the sheet’s surface, which can make your sheets feel rougher as time goes on.


Polycotton sheets are highly durable, as Polyester contains similar agents to plastic, making it unlikely for Polycotton sheets to rip or tear easily. This durable nature makes Polycotton an extremely popular choice in commercial settings such as in hospitals, where bed sheets are often changed very regularly.

100% Cotton bed sheets are also extremely durable due to the strength of the cotton fibres found in their material.


Both Cotton and Polycotton bed sheets are very low maintenance when it comes to washing and drying. Both types of fabric can be washed on normal cycles in your washing machine and can be dried in the dryer.


100% Cotton bedding is naturally hypoallergenic, and breathable, making it the most desirable option for allergy sufferers.

People with allergies or sensitive skin often find that Polycotton bed sheets make them itch. This is due to the synthetic fibers in the materials, which contribute to the lack of airflow through Polycotton sheets.


The lack of air circulation provided by Polycotton sheets will likely result in much tossing and turning throughout the night. Polycotton also lacks absorbance.

Cotton on the other hand, is naturally breathable and will absorb any moisture it comes in contact with during the night, helping to keep you cool as a cucumber all night through.


100% Cotton bed sheets tend to cost more than Polycotton bedding.