About us

Starting textile business in 1993, NINA MG group started as a trader by selling the bedding needs to some local community in Jakarta. The founder, Ms. Nina who has a painting background as a hobby, started to develop a wide range of textile designs by cooperating with several local manufacturers.

In 1994, we have established the company which become our milestone to grow evermore. NINA MG offers a wide range of excellent products and services, and has develop a 4 division which are the textile, modern market, hospitality market and export division

With more than 300 dedicated staffs, we believe that our strength has come from our long journey of learning and an ongoing innovation process. The continuous development in workers, and being supported by a dedicated management team has put us at the forefront of bedding linen business in Indonesia. Throughout its long history, Nina MG group has successfully built a positive reputation and become one of the leader in Indonesia’s bedding linen industry.

In 2017, NINA MG began to be active in the e-commerce’s world. By focusing on B2C, www.ninamghome.com is here to make it easier for customers to find and obtain bedding products that fit your household, hotel and lodging needs.